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This project consists of several libraries of tools for handling spatial data in .NET with Bing Maps. These libraries were created as a by product of the book being written by Ricky Brundritt titled "Location Intelligence for Windows Store Apps". The goal of this library is to make it easy to import spatial data into the various Microsoft Maps controls. In addition to being able to read/write common spatial files it also has a number of useful tools and calculations built in such as VertexReduction and tile math formulas. The core library is a  portable class library that can be used in .NET 4.5, WP8, Windows Store 8/8.1 apps. There is also partial support for WP8.1. For details on the features included in this library take a look at the documentation tab.

Key Features

  • Support for reading/writing several common spatial file formats.
  • Pushpin Clustering
  • Heat Maps
  • Animations
    • Pushpin: Drop, Bounce
    • Path Animations: straight line and geodesic paths
  • Several common spatial calculations
  • Data Contracts for Bing Maps Services
  • Easy importing and styling of spatial data into Bing Maps
  • Map Tile generation from spatial data files
  • Support for Universal Windows Apps

The code samples in this project contain a Spatial Data Viewer Windows Store app sample in C#, VB, and JavaScript. That’s right JavaScript, a Windows Runtime Component is included that lets you use the main C# library to process the files and then import them into the JavaScript map control via a custom module. External Libraries


This toolkit makes use of two external libraries:

The WPF library also makes use of the following libraries:


  • More Universal Windows Store app sample.
  • Static data layer for viewing large data sets as an image for better performance.
  • Add additional functionality to the Windows Runtime Component.
  • Add additional code samples/features for Web based apps.
  • Add file export code samples
  • Add support for Bing SDS services
  • Add Drawing tools
  • Add Nuget package

If you build an app and deploy it to the Windows Store, let use know about it so we can us it as a reference.

This project is a work in progress. If you come across any bugs please report them on the issues tab.

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